The Tome of Ghulras

The Silk Silhouette

Because sometimes Resistance bases and costumes parties just don't compare to a nice, old-timey whorehouse.

After much deliberation, the party set off on an adventure to the infamous whore-house. Though the trudge seemed long and weary, Fae led the way with some sort of breathless, but conflicted anxiety. Altering between nervous chatter about the horrors of whorehouses, and long periods of anxious silence, Fae would continued to periodically check her hair and smooth out wrinkles in her recently washed dress. The men were silent.

Before long, though, the party arrived and no one could ignore the buzz of excitement. To be sure, a whorehouse wasn’t as mysterious as the tunneled Resistance base they had just spent the night in—nor was it quite as elegant or refined as the costume party which had been one of the highlights of Sofia’s summer! But the whorehouse had one element that had not always been such a prominent part of their adventure—down and outright scandal. Their Lord of the Rings style stoic adventure had suddenly gone Firefly, and no one could deny that there was a component of intrigue to this particular mission. And it was this fresh-faced excitement which probably led to such an unorthodox attack on the whorehouse guards.

Cats and hellhounds sniffed around the door, clearly acting as a supplement to the guards that relaxed inside. While some members of the party advocated traditional ways of silencing the animals, it was Sofia who pointed out the debilitating effects of alcohol on animals and humans alike. Normally the party wouldn’t deign to such unsophisticated methods (yeah, right), but the whorehouse held an aura of positive liberation, and the party accepted Sofia as their creative head. Elka put her Mage Hand to good use, and the animals were soon descending into all sorts of shenanigans and debauchery that could be a plotline unto themselves.

So much fun was this last activity that the hijinks continued, and the guards were now offered not alcoholic meat, but laced cupcakes! Titus and Sofia donned the latest fashions in Craeterion guardwear, and came bearing good tidings and birthday wishes. With but slight hesitation, Crabbe and Goyle both accepted the delicious treats in front of them, but Draco over on the left seemed to be wary of the ruse. While Sofia tried to quell his fear with cake, Elka finished preparing her daily spell and stepped in to cast Sleep on the uncooperative guard. Unfortunately, in all of the excitement, the party had failed to notice the other guards in the room. Battle ensued, but soon the room was conquered, and it was time for the party to split up.

Elka and Sofia were soon delegated to replace the cats and hellhounds in guarding the door, while the rest of the party made their way upstairs in search of the all-too-important Tiefling. Fae reveled in the chance to use her sultry side as a weapon. Life had been boring since she had promised not to seduce her fellow adventurers, and now was the chance to re-live her teenage days. Guards now bent to her will with only a look—and Fae was having a good time.

Meanwhile, Elka and Sofia were having a heart-to-heart. Which meant Sofia was talking. Again. Elka rolled her eyes and checked her fingernails for calcium deficiencies. Sofia soon got the hint (or ran out of breath) and relaxed against the wall, examining the environment around her. Which meant it was the young dwarf who was the first one to see the Tiefling. Who… wasn’t in the whorehouse at all, and was, in fact, waiting outside in his coach. Catching sight of them, he made his way over. Sidling up to Sofia, he leaned nonchalantly against the wall, opened his mouth and let out a, “Hey, how ya doin’?” This man was no Remington Steele. But, in any case, his presence seemed to their benefit. Revealing himself as a craeterion leader, he delegated the party with a new mission—to destroy the warforged, and eventually Forzant. What a goal, huzzah! After having struck up a deal on their mutual benefit, Sofia wheedled the location of a local armory out of him. By this time, Titus had noticed the commotion from the window above, and the company made their way back down to the entrance, stealthily but quickly. A plan was hatched to get into the armory, harkening back to a few months before when the gang had pretended to be prisoner-bearers. Excitement filled the air again, and a sorrowful goodbye was said to the walls of the whore-house.

Unfortunately, the shining eyes and light, happy feet lasted only a short while, as Titus failed in his confrontation of another Craeterion guard. Perhaps some heavy perfume had slowed his mind and hooded his eye while traversing the cathouse there, but he had apparently lost his ability to weave a swift and convincing untruth, and, before the party knew it, the guards were upon them! Swords were drawn, spells were prepared, but the party was clearly overwhelmed and, finally, the party lighted on their last possible chance of success. Upon sight of the enemy’s airship, a plan was hatched to steal the vehicle. Or instead of a plan, a silent agreement to make a frenzied and harried attempt to escape on top of it. Everyone scrambled atop the vehicle, rolling various athletic and acrobatic checks, clawing at the sides, doing whatever it took—that is, everyone except Elka, who couldn’t seem to catch a break on this particular mission. Running as fast as she can, these were the first few moments in her life where she rued all those days she stayed inside studying instead of playing sports with the other kids. Sofia recognized Elka’s plight and made one last attempt to reach out to her, but both suffered from palmar hyperhidrosis under stress, and the ship flew off, leaving Elka to a dire fate. Everything seemed to slow down, and a lone violin drew out a heartfelt tune as the camera panned out on Elka’s stunned face. As two guards grabbed hold of either arm, the shot faded to black.



And change allll the Sofia’s to Sophia’s. I’m sorry!! I must not have saved my changes.

The Silk Silhouette

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