Six diverse travelers headed south from the port town of Cleveland to find their fortunes in the midland metropolis of Elogotha, but found only mystery and murder instead. The tram across the Frostgate River emerged from the fog twisted and smoking—the site of a brief but violent struggle—and a young tiefling priest lay dead against its hull. His dying words, written in his own blood on the metal deck, proved ominous.


The six were put upon by mysterious, airborne mercenaries not long after they stepped aboard the ruined tram. The sell-swords seemed to want to eliminate all witnesses to the gruesome scene, but the travelers proved themselves ready for trouble, and they formed a hasty alliance against their marauders.

With their wisdom, courage and powers combined, the adventurers turned the tables on the unwitting foes. The six worried that more dangerous forces could soon find their way to the scene of the murder, and they decided to make haste to Elogotha in hopes that the meaning of the priest’s final message might be revealed within the city walls.

As they took flight in the mercenaries’ commandeered skyboat, the six men and women talked of their histories and of the lives they hoped to make for themselves on the Peninsula of Dekord.

Ilyich was a bard with the largest ritual instrument ever.
Titus was a roguish human with a past he’d rather hide.
Ardan was a nimble elf who had traversed wilds like these before.
Sophia was a vigorous human raised among noble dwarves.
Elka was a deva with an off-putting, sinister aspect.
Fae was a zealous drow who sought the path of religious enlightenment and devotion.

The Tome of Ghulras

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